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Project Organization

an overview of the different services, activities and collaboration methods used for the practical organization of the Principia Cybernetica Project, as contrasted with its theoretical results.

Principia Cybernetica attempts to build its cybernetic philosophy through collaboration between participants from all around the world. The project is managed by an editorial board, which is responsible for the production, maintenance and selection of the material. Everybody interested can contribute to the material being developed. Editors and contributors together use various computer-supported methods of collaboration, mostly through the new electronic media of the Internet.

Direct discussions among the contributors, and announcements of new developments, take place on the PCP-discuss and PCP-news electronic mailing lists. General news about the project, new web documents, and discussion topics on PCP-discuss are summarized in a bimonthly, free electronic newsletter, called "Principia Cybernetica News".

The results produced by the project are maintained and made publically available on our website, which is organized so as to make information easily retrievable and semantically structured. There also exists an older FTP-server, which is kept as a repository for some texts (e.g. papers) that were not formatted in HTML or PDF.

Although most of the collaboration takes place electronically, PCP also deploys more traditional academic activities, such as the organization of conferences and the publication of books or articles in scientific journals. This ensures the accessibility of PCP's results even to people who are not using the Internet, although the focus is wholly on publishing everything on the web. The editors try in general to make the project's results publically known, in the hope of attracting new contributors, and they are interested in the different reactions elicited by the project, so that they can constantly improve the material, correcting mistakes or wrong impressions.

The project also supports some associated organizations whose interests overlap with PCP, such as the Journal of Memetics and the Global Brain Group (which can in a sense be seen as "spin-offs" of PCP). For a formal list with the names and addresses of the people involved, associated organizations, and services provided, check the project's masthead.

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