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The Principia Cybernetica Web follows the standards established for distributed hypertext by the World-Wide Web, but adds some specific characteristics of its own, as outlined below. The Web as a whole is structured in a quasi-hierarchical way, where every document ("node") has one (seldom more) parent node(s) ("up" in the side bar) and in general several child nodes ("down" in the side bar), so as to facilitate orientation. In a later stage, the idea is to move PCP web towards a semantic network, using different types of nodes and links, using the new XML standards (although we haven't started implementing this yet).

Every node has a direct link to the home page, a created and modified date field, and a field with the author's name (with link to the author's page if it exists). For facilitating quick retrieval, the server has a permanent menu bar, Boolean searchable (index ), an extensive table of contents (mirroring the quasi-hierarchical structure), a list of nodes ordered according to recency. For more info on using PCP web effectively, see the "help" or "how to" page and the navigation page.

All pages in PCP web can be freely linked to from other servers, but if you would like to republish parts of them elsewhere, you must take into account copyright restrictions. If PCP pages are quoted or referred to in other publications (electronic or traditional), it is best to use the standard reference format.

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