Organizations Associated with Principia Cybernetica
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Organizations Associated with Principia Cybernetica

The Principia Cybernetica Project is associated in different ways with a number of organizations whose aims and members overlap with those of the project.

The Global Brain Group

This is a discussion group of researchers studying the emergence of a "global brain" from the world-wide computer network, using the metaphor of humanity as a superorganism. The group was founded by PCP editor Francis Heylighen and by Ben Goertzel. Several of its members are also active in PCP.

The Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission

This is the first (electronic) journal on the domain of memetics, the study of the variation, replication and selection of ideas or cultural entities. It was founded in 1996 by a number of participants in PRNCYB-L, the mailing list of PCP, including Hans-Cees Speel, Mario Vaneechoutte, Bruce Edmonds and Francis Heylighen. These still form the core of the journal's editorial board, although they have been joined by several others who are not directly associated with PCP.

The Study Group on Global Progress

This is a group within the Center "Leo Apostel" (see further), created to study the idea that the quality of life of humanity is a whole is improving. It was founded by Jan Bernheim and Francis Heylighen.

Whereas the preceding organizations can in a sense be seen as "spin-offs" of the Principia Cybernetica Project, as they were founded by PCP members wishing to explore some of the Project's themes in more depth, the following organizations were created independently, albeit for similar purposes.

The Center "Leo Apostel"

This is a transdisciplinary research center at the Free University of Brussels, which aims at the construction of "world views" that integrate the results of the different natural and social sciences and humanities. In that respect, its aim is similar to the one of Principia Cybernetica, except that the Center does not have any specifically "cybernetic" bias. It houses the European office of PCP, and thus several of its researchers.

The American Society for Cybernetics

This is a long standing association devoted to the study of cybernetics in all its facets. The collaboration with PCP is basically on the level of making information about cybernetics more easily available on the web, e.g. through the hypertext publication of the society's "Glossary on Cybernetics and Systems Theory" as a part of PCP Web. The main contact person between ASC and PCP is Stuart Umpleby.

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