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The following text refers to the original community of researchers founded in 1996, but which has now been replaced by the Global Brain Institute. The Global Brain mailing list, however, remains active.
The Global Brain Group has been created to discuss the emergence of a global brain out of the computer network, which would function as a nervous system for the human superorganism. It promotes all theoretical and experimental work that may contribute to the elaboration of global brain theory, including the practical implementation of global brain-like computer systems, and the diffusion of global brain ideas towards a wider public, e.g. by the organization of conferences or publication of books on the subject. Thus, the group has organized the first workshop "From Intelligent Networks to the Global Brain".

The group is associated with the Principia Cybernetica Project, and the Center "Leo Apostel". Membership is limited to people who have been doing active research and published books or papers on the subject. The members are:

For a presentation of their main publications on the subject, see the global brain bibliography.

The Global Brain Discussion list

The Group administers an electronic mailing for all people interested in the subject: gbrain [at] (Global Brain Discussion). The list is private and can be posted to only by people whose subscription to the list is accepted. (see the subscription form for joining the mailing list).

The mailing list is used to exchange information, references and ideas, and to discuss the main unsolved questions about the emergence of a global brain. The postings can be freely consulted at the Web archive of the list.

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