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ASC Glossary on Cybernetics and Systems Theory

The definitions in this Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems which are not marked (Krippendorff) or (Hornung) come from the Glossary on Cybernetics and Systems Theory, which was developed as a working document by the American Society for Cybernetics. This glossary was itself compiled using the different sources referenced below. The Glossary was developed under the supervision of Stuart Umpleby (umpleby @ and Jixuan Hu. The Glossary is also available as a single file through ftp.

Disclaimer: Copyright on these definitions remains with the original publishers or authors from whose work they are quoted (the name of the author is given in the definition; the exact references can be found at the end of this index). None of the people who helped produce this Glossary derives any income from it. It is produced merely as a service to the Cybernetics and Systems community. No parts of this Glossary should be further published, edited or sold without permission from the original copyright holders.


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