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Development of Principia Cybernetica is seen as a long term project involving many participants. It will be managed by a Board of Editors, who are responsible for implementation of the system and the collection and development of the material. Similar to a journal, it may rely on an Editorial Advisory Board, and other associated editors, referees, and contributors.

Thus Principia Cybernetica is seen as necessarily open ended and developing, essentially a process of discourse among a community of researchers. A variety of collaboratory granularities are possible, ranging from contributions by individual authors, through groups of authors, to consensual statements of all project participants.

Participants are free to develop their material within Principia Cybernetica while having it simultaneously available for traditional publications. Copyright is initially held by Principia Cybernetica, which then liberally grants permission for external publication. Thus traditional publication of parts or the whole of the network by individual authors or groups of authors will be made periodically.

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