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Scope and Aims: The Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP) is a world-wide organization collaboratively developing a computer-supported evolutionary-systemic philosophy, in the context of the transdisciplinary academic fields of Systems Science and Cybernetics.

Activities: PCP publishes electronic texts and facilitates scholarly work via its World-Wide Web server, Principia Cybernetica Web, newsletter Principia Cybernetica News, electronic mailing lists PRNCYB-L and PCP-news, and through conferences and traditional publications.

Copyright: Unless stated otherwise, all electronic texts are Copyright ©1992-2005 Principia Cybernetica. Limited permission is granted for copying (see full copyright statement).

Participation: Participation by the community in all aspects of the project is solicited. Submit proposals to the Editorial Board.

  • Francis Heylighen
    (Free University of Brussels)

    Editorial Board

  • Francis Heylighen
  • Cliff Joslyn
    (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Valentin Turchin
    (City College of New York)

    Assistant Editor

  • Johan Bollen(Old Dominion University)

  • Stuart Umpleby
    (George Washington University)
  • Donald T. Campbell (deceased)
    (Lehigh University)
  • Joël de Rosnay
    (Cité des Sciences et Technologies, Paris)
  • Robert Glück
    (University of Copenhagen)
  • Luis Rocha
    (Indiana University)

  • European Office
    Principia Cybernetica Project
    Free University of Brussels
    Krijgskundestraat 33, B-1160 Brussels
    Phone: +32-2-644 26 77
    Fax: +32-2-644 00 44
    Email: cybernetica [at]

    American Office
    Principia Cybernetica Project
    c/o Cliff Joslyn, Mail Stop B265
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
    Phone: +1- (505) 667-9096

    Web Servers (US mirror)

    Principia Cybernetica News

    Electronic Mailing Lists

  • PCP-discuss, (discussions)
  • PCP-news[ at ], (announcements)

    Mailing List Archive

    Associated Organizations

  • Evolution, Complexity and Cognition group
  • Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary models of information transmission
  • Global Brain Group
  • American Society for Cybernetics


  • Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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    Oct 17, 2006 (modified)
    Sep 18, 1995 (created)


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