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In order to (un)subscribe to our mailing list PCP-news, just type in the email address (in the form: username [at] host.domain) where you would like to receive the mail in the field below, and click "submit". Make sure the address is correct! After submitting your subscription, you will soon receive a "Welcome to PCP-news" message in your mailbox. If you don't, there was a mistake in the address you entered.

The email address:

wishes to PCP-news.

This form can also be used to change your subscription address. Simply unsubscribe your old address, then resubscribe the new or corrected one. Don't forget to do this if your email adress changes! Otherwise, the server will continue to send messages to your old address, generating errors, while you will stop receiving anything.

If unsubscription does not seem to work, you probably entered a different address than the one you originally subscribed with. Just try again with different versions of your email address. If you still have problems, contact the list administator: Francis Heylighen.

Manual (un)subscription

If the above does not work, you can also send a message containing only the following two lines of text:
subscribe PCP-news 
in the body of the message (subject can be empty) to the address majordomo[ at ] (replace [ at ] by @). If you prefer to receive the messages from PCP-news at a different email address than the one you would be sending these lines from, just add your preferred address after the first line, e.g. "subscribe PCP-news".

To unsubscribe you can similarly send the lines:

unsubscribe PCP-news

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