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Cybernetics and Systems Societies

The following national and international societies and organizations are concerned with research related to cybernetics and systems science. A "*" denotes the organizations that are most central to the domain. Some of the addresses may no longer be up to date, though most material is fairly recent. Please send a note to Francis Heylighen or annotate this page if you would like to make an addition or correction.

* American Society for Cybernetics

(old website)
Address: American Society for Cybernetics,
c/o Center for Social and Organizational Learning, Department of Management Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052, USA.
Tel: 202-994-5203 Fax: 202-994-5225
E-mail: ASC[at]

*Associacion Argentina de Teoria General de Sistemas y Cybernetica

Address: Buenos Aires C.C. 33 1641 Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Phone: 792 - 7160

Associacion Mexicana de Sistemas y Cybernetica, a.c.

Address: Dr. J.L. Elohim (President), Antonio Sola 45, Col. Condesa, C.P. 06140, Mexico D.F.. (not up-to-date)

Association Française de Science des Systèmes Cybernétiques, Cognitifs et Techniques (AFSCET)

French systems science organization, replaces the old comittee "Systémique et cognition" of the defunct AFCET

Association F. Gonseth

Institut de la Méthode
Address: Case postale, CH-2610 St-Imier, Switzerland
Phone: +41 32 23 83 20
E-mail : afg [ at ]

* Association Internationale de Cybernétique

International Association for Cybernetics
Address: Palais des Expositions, Place André Rijckmans, B-5000 Namur , Belgium.
Comment: has stopped its activities in 2000.

Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sui Sistemi/Italian Systems Society (AIRS)

42, Via Pellegrino Rossi 20161-Milano (Italy)
tel./Fax: +39-02-66202417
e-mail: gianfranco.minati[ at ]

Australian Systems Thinking and Organisational Learning Group

Monash University, Melbourne.
Email: Jeff.McLean[ at ]

Behavioral Systems Science Organization

Address: P.O. Box 2051, Falls Church, Virginia 22042, USA.


Belgian Institute for Automatic Control
Address: Jan van Rijswijcklaan 58 [oud adres], B-2018 Antwerpen, Belgium.
Phone: (03) 216 09 96

Cambridge Cybernetic Society(new)

Address: Paul Pangaro, pan[ at ], 66 Slade Street, Belmont MA 02178, USA.
Phone: 617-489-9500

CHAOS - Centre for Hyperincursion and Anticipation in Ordered Systems

Cognitive Science Society Inc.

Address: Dr. Alan Lesgold (secretary/treasurer), 516 Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, 3939 O'Hara Street, Pittsburg PA 15260, USA.

*Comité Systémique et cognition de l' AFCET

Address: Prof. R. Vallée , 156 Péreire, 75017 Paris, France.
Phone: 00 33 -1- 42 67 93 12

Cybernetics Academy Odobleja

Address: Cesar Buda, Via Larga 11, I-20122 Milano, Italia.

* Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemforschung e.V.

Address: DGSF, c/o Michaela Hammer, Burgstr. 6, D- 03046 Cottbus, Germany.
Phone: 0355-3 16 16, Fax: 0355-3 16 26
Email: korn[ at ]

European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems

Address: Gerhard Dalenoort, Instituut voor Experimentele Psychologie, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Postbus 14, NL- 9750 AA Haren, Nederland.

Gesellschaft fuer Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik (GWS)

Address: Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer (director general), c/o Institut fuer Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik, Koerschtalstr. 26, D-73770 Denkendorf, Germany
Phone:+49 - 711 - 93 40 238
Fax:+49 - 711 - 93 40 297

Greek Systems Society

Address: Dr. Michael Decleris (managing director), 82 Fokionis Negri Street, Athens 11361, Greece.

Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Address: Margo Wilson, Dep. of Psychology, McMaster University, Hamilton, ONtario, L8S 4K1, Canada.
Fax: (416) 529-622 25

ICS, Institut fuer Kybernetik und Systemtheorie

(new) Address: Am Huelsenbusch 54, D-44803 Bochum,
Phone:0049 (0 23 02) 80 20 15

IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society

Address: Andrew P. Sage, George Mason University, 440 University drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA.

IAS - Andean Institute of Systems

Instituto Andino de Sistemas - IAS
Address: Ricardo Rodriguez-Ulloa (President), P.O. Box 18-0680, Lima 18, Peru
Telef/fax: +51-1-422-5681/966-6247


International Federation for Automatic Control
Address: Schlossplatz 12, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria.


International Federation for Systems Research

Address: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Chroust (secretary), International Federation for Systems research, c/o Systemtechnik und Automation, Kepler University Linz, A-4040 Linz, Austria.

IFORS (International Federation for Operational Research Societies)

Address: Mrs. H. Welling (secretary), c/o IMSOR, Building 321, Technical University, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark.
Phone: 45 - 42 - 88 22 22 ext. 4410


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Address: Schlossplatz 12, A-2361 Laxenburg, AUSTRIA.

IIIS: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics(new)

Address: 14269 Lord Barclay Dr., Orlando Florida 32837, USA.

Institute of cybernetics

Address: IfK, Kleinenberger Weg 16b, D-4790 Paderborn, Germany.

Instituto Mexicano de Sistemas

Address: Javier Marquez d. , Reforma 199 Piso 14 [old address], Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico 06500 D.F.
Phone: FAX: 664-22-14

Internat. Research Laboratory

Program Systems Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Address: "BOTIC", 152140 Pereslavl-Zalessky, USSR.

* International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)

Comments: about the most important association on systems theory; created in the 1950's as the "Society for General Systems Research (SGSR)"

Istituto di Cibernetica

Address: Dr. F. Ventriglia, Istituto di Cibernetica, Via Toiano 6, 80072 - Arco Felice (NA), Italy.
Phone: (39-) 81-8534 138
Fax: (39-) 81-5267 654
Comments: An International School on Neural Modelling and Neural Networks was organized under the sponsorship of the Italian Group of Cybernetics and Biophysics of the CNR, the Institute of Cybernetics of the CNR.

Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research(new)

Address: Adolf-Lorenz-Gasse 2, A-3422 Altenberg Donau, Austria
Email: sec>br> Comments: interdisciplinary research on evolutionary epistemology and evolutionary systems. Publishes the journal "Evolution and Cognition"

MCX -APC. Programme européen "Modélisation de la CompleXité" et Association pour la Pensée Complexe


New England Complex Systems Institute

* Oesterreiches Studiengesellschaft fuer Kybernetik

(Austrian Society for Cybernetics)
Address: Prof. Robert Trappl (President), Schottengasse 3, A-1010 Wien, Austria.

Polskie Towarzystwo Cybernetyczne

(Polish Cybernetical Society)
Address: Prof. Dr. W. Gasparski, Design Methodology Unit, Dep. of Praxiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Nowy Swiat Str. 72, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland.

Santa Fe Institute

Address: 1120 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe NM 87501, USA.
Phone: (505) 984-8800
Fax:: (505) 982-0565
Comments: internationally famous interdisciplinary research center for the sciences of complexity

Sociedad Espanola de Sistemas Generales

Address: Dr. R. Rodriguez Delgado (vice-president), Dr. Gomez Ulla, 4, 28028 Madrid, Spain.

Société Suisse de Systémique(new)

Swiss Systems Society

* Systeemgroep Nederland

Address: Dr. K.A. Soudyn, Katholieke Hogeschool Tilburg, Hogeschoollaan 225, Tilburg, Nederland.

System Dynamics Society

* The Cybernetics Society (UK)

President: Prof. Martin Smith  Secretary: Dr. John Chandler, 3 Willow Grove,
Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL8 7NA UK Fax.:+44 8 7076 2 7076 
Email: president AT

The Gaia Institute

Address: Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Ave. at 112th St., New york, NY 10025.
Phone: 212 - 295 1930

The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics

Address: Prof. George E. Lasker, University of Windsor, School of Computing Science, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4.

The Society for Cybernetics and Systems Research (SCSR)

Address: Dr. Robbin R. Hough, 1142 North Main Street, Rochester, MI 48307, USA
Phone: 248-651-0820
Email: or

The Society for the Study of AI and Simulation of Behaviour

Address: Judith Dennison, Cognitive Studies Programme, Arts Building, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QN, UK.

The Society of Management Science and Applied Cybernetics (SMSAC)

Address: Prof. Dr. A. Ghosal (secretary), O.R. Unit, C.S.I.R. Complex, , N.P.L. Campus, New Delhi 110012, India.

The University of the World

Address: 1055 Torrey Pines Road, Suite 203, La Jolla CA 92037 USA.
Phone: 619 - 456 01 03
Fax: 619 - 456 01 97
Email: MILLERJ@SDSC.BITNET (James Miller)

* Research Committee (RC51) on Sociocybernetics(new)

(part of the International Sociological Organization)
Comments: an active international group applying cybernetics and systems thinking to social systems in the broadest sense; has its own newsletter, journal, mailing list, and conferences; free membership is possible.

* Union Européenne de Systémique

Address: c/o AFCET, 156 Blvd. Péreire, F-75017 Paris, France.

* United Kingdom Systems Society

Address: Prof. Michael C. Jackson, Dean of the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Humberside, Hull HU6 7RT, United Kingdom.

Washington Evolutionary Systems Society


* Executive Group of Worldwide International Systems Institutions Network
Address: Dr. Istvan Kiss (secretary), POB 446, Budapest , Hungary H-1536.

* World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics

Address: Prof. Robert Vallée (president), 2 Rue de Vouillé, F-75015 Paris, France.
Phone: 532-727, 530-214

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