Cybernetics and Systems Theory
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Cybernetics and Systems Theory

The following links provide general background information on the field of Cybernetics and Systems Theory, an interdisciplinary academic domain.

This material was collected and is provided in the context of the Principia Cybernetica Project, but can be consulted independently of the rest of the project. Although there are relatively few research centers and even fewer educational programs devoted to the domain, a lot of activity is going on in between established departments. This is shown by the number of associations, conferences and journals active in the domain.

The best way of getting acquainted with the main ideas of cybernetics and systems theory is to read a few of the classic books or papers defining the domain. Some of these books are freely available through our Principia Cybernetica library. Other, specific bibliographic references can be found in the library database of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and AI at the University of Vienna. There also exists more general reference material, including our own Web Dictionary of basic concepts.

You can get in touch with cybernetics and systems people via existing mailing lists and newsgroups, personal or departmental home pages, or by visiting conferences in the field (see the list of future conferences from the ASC and Calendar of events from the International Federation of Systems Research).

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