A short presentation of the Einstein meets Magritte material

The following papers are likely to be included respectively in the 8 volumes of the Proceedings of the "Einstein meets Magritte" conference, to be published by Kluwer.

1. The Book 'Einstein meets Magritte'

. In this book each 'invited speaker' is now invited to write one chapter:

2. The Red Book : Science and Art

The contributed speakers to the red stream are invited to write their contribution:

3. The Orange Book: University and Society - Social and Cultural Studies of the Sciences.

4. The Yellow Book : Worldviews and the Problem of Synthesis.

5. The Green Book: Life and Death - Man and Nature - A World in Transition.

6. The Blue Book : Meta Debates.

7. The Indigo Book: Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality.

8. The Violet Book: The Evolution of Complexity.