Proceedings of the Einstein meets Magritte Conference

Following the Einstein meets Magritte Conference in Brussels from 29 May to 3 June 1995, Kluwer Academic Publishers have agreed to publish the scientific material.

After some reflections and negotiations it was decided to publish the material, taking into account the manner that it was presented at the conference: the seven coloured parallel streams and the plenary lectures, each being published separately in one book. So eight volumes will appear:

Some authors that we have classified during the Conference in one of the streams may find themselves their abstract to be better suited for another colour. Please inform us if this would be the case and explain us shortly your choice.

Since we all would like the series to reach all scientific disciplines, I would like to ask each contributor to give a very special attention in writing his paper in terms of readability and interest towards other than his own discipline. Let us try to make something special of these volumes, as we managed to do so, all together, of the conference.

To conclude, I would like to wish you all the best, personally and professionally, as well as a positive start of the academic year,

Warm regards,

Prof.Diederik Aerts


The volumes shall be typeset using TEXTURES (TeX package), and in this sense our instructions to the contributers are such that our editing work in TEXTURES is optimized.

1) Specific Instructions

Depending upon your local technical possibilities and/or computer practice, the following ways of submitting your paper is strongly recommended. In order of preference:

a) If you can write the article directly in TeX please do so, and take into account the following remarks: The standard TeX document style -article- shall be used to typeset the volumes.

b) If you do not have the under (a) described software at your disposal, you can send by e-mail the manuscript in ASCII, only using ASCII symbols. In this case we ask you to send us also a printed version, where you clearly indicate which are the chapters and subchapters. Do not go further as a division into subchapters of your paper. We include an example of an article written in ASCII.

c) If your experience with (b) is rather limited, please sent us your paper as you usually write it on diskette, mentioning the software and its version (Microsoft Word 5.1, Word Perferct, etc...).

d) If you do not use a computer (and you have no friends to help you in this matter), you can sent us a typed version of your paper by mail. Using a fresh black ribbon for typewriting your manuscript, might help us in scanning your paper into our computer. Anything which cannot be typed may be entered by hand in black ink.

Please note that independently of your choice, we would like to receive a printed or typewritten version of your manuscript by ordinary mail (not by fax).

It might be that some of you already submitted their paper. In this case and after considering if the above and underneath mentioned instructions were taken into account, please send us a small note confirming that we can use that version.

2) General Instructions

3) Deadline

Your manuscript should reach us no later than December 1, 1995 and (e)mailed to: 'Einstein meets Magritte'


Diederik Aerts,

  • TENA
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Pleinlaan 2,
  • 1050 Brussels,
  • Belgium