Interdisciplinary Conference: Einstein meets Magritte

Travel Information

Passports and visas

A valid passport is required for entry into Belgium. For citizens of European Union member states an identity card is sufficient. Consular information sheet (from US state department)


The monetary unit in Belgium is Belgian Francs (BEF). The current exchange rate is 1US$= ca. 32 BEF.


Brussels lies at the heart of Europe and can easily be reached either by airplane, train or car. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel, which is the Conference venue, is situated in the South-Eastern part of Brussels, approximately 3 km away from the center.

The above map shows the location of the VUB Campus with respect to the larger Brussels area, including the different highways and access roads.


Brussels National Airport is Zaventem, 14 km from the centre. A special train connects the airport to the city with a 15 minutes ride, 9', 24' and 46' past every hour. The first train leaves Zaventem at 5.24 a.m. and the last train is at 11.46 p.m. From city to airport: 55', 39' and 14' past every hour. The first train to Zaventem leaves Gare Central at 5.39 a.m. and the last train at 11.14 p.m. To come to the conference venue: Either get off this train at Gare du Nord (North Station) and change to a train for Etterbeek Station (two trains per hour) which is adjacent to VUB campus; or continue to the terminus Gare Centrale (Central Station), take the underground direction 1A for "H.Debroux", and get off at "Petillon" metro station at five minutes walking distance from the conference venue.

More about reaching Belgium by plane.


Five large train stations serve Greater Brussels: The smaller trainstation "Etterbeek" is adjacent to the conference venue (see the map of Campus). It can be reached with trains leaving from Gare du Nord (two trains per hour).

More about reaching Brussels by trains, by boat (from the UK), and by car.

Metro tram - bus

The network includes 33 km of metro lines, connecting the East and West quarters of the city. Numerous lines are also served above ground by trams and busses. They run from 6 a.m. to midnight. Consult timetables at stops. Metro stations are marked by a white letter 'M' on a blue background. Tram and bus stops are marked by red and white signs. All the stops are marked "sur demande" (on request); raise your hand when you see the tram or the bus approaching to indicate you wish to board.

Tickets are available at news paper stands, stations and bus or tram.


Tips and service are included in the price shown on the meter. Some taxis have reduced rates for the journey to Zaventem Airport. Ask for details before you begin the journey and note that taxis are very expensive in Brussels.


At the end of May one can expect temperatures of around 18 deg. Celsius. Although there is always hope for sunshine, be prepared for rain and bring along a rain coat and a sweater.

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