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We are still looking for people to work with us in a variety of capacities, including contributors, reviewers, readers, and general source-people. Check the tasks where you can help for more concrete suggestions on ways ot collaborate with the Principia Cybernetica Project. Prospective collaborators are advised to read some of the available material about PCP in order to get an idea of what the project is all about, and how their own work might fit in. The best place to start is the overview of PCP. People wanting more detailed information may read some of the publications on PCP. Once you have an idea of what PCP is, the simplest way to keep in touch with our activities is by subscribing to one of our two electronic mailing lists, PRNCYB-L for discussions or PCP-news for announcements. You can then directly join our discussions, ask questions or make suggestions.

If you don't plan to get involved in email discussions, but still would like to help, we would appreciate if you would send a note to one of the editors (Joslyn for PRNCYB-L subcriptions, Heylighen for other information) containing the following information:


2)Email address

3)Postal address



6)How did you hear about PCP?

7)Please take at least one page to describe your work and how it might relate to PCP (this may be skipped by people who have contributed to PCP before).

8) What do you concretely suggest as a way in which you could support the project?

We would appreciate existing material which can enhance the Web, e.g. glossaries, dictionaries or definitions of cybernetics-related terms, icons or illustrations to embellish the Web, links to related servers, ... We are in particular looking for people with experience in hypermedia and computer-supported collaborative work environments, who might help us in choosing or developing the right software tools, and in general extend the functionality of the Web. We would also appreciate help with the administration: sending out mail, editing and distributing newsletters and documents, connecting different communication channels (e.g. translating printed or faxed text to electronic texts). If you would dispose of secretarial or technical facilities, or have the time to help, please contact us.

If you feel a strong resonance with Principia Cybernetica and the views we are expressing, we would also be very interested in talking about involvement at deeper levels.

If you have any further questions or proposals about contributions to PCP, please contact one of the editors.

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