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The following is a quote from WIRED, a popular magazine devoted to cyberspace. (WIRED: San Francisco, Wired Ventures ltd., nr. 2.08, August 1994, p. 119)

When Science Meets Net.Society.

The Principia Cybernetica Project is an attempt to unify systems theory and cybernetics, using the tools and methods of cybernetics itself. Managed by leading researchers from the City University of New York, NASA, and the Free University of Brussels, Principia Cybernetica is amassing an awesome and ever-growing info-tube of information on the underlying meme-technology of the Matrix: self-organizing systems, cybernetics, human-computer interaction, knowledge structures, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and evolution, to name a few. No ivory towers here, simply practical information on web-weaving and Internet use commingled with academic papers and cyberculture rants, such as Ronfeldt's Cyberocracy.

The websmiths are hard at work on this one, using a full bag of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tricks to bring you representational maps of the Webspace that you can click on, searchable indices, and other goodies. Choice tidbits include the realtime Web visualizer tools, John December's comprehensive treatise on computer-mediated communication, the full text of Darwin's On The Origin Of Species, and fresh news from the Project Xanadu folks, complete with an impressive bibliography. Start your education on the tech behind the hype at

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Jul 19, 1994


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