Interdisciplinary Conference: Einstein meets Magritte

Contributed Papers - Instructions and Guidelines

Contributed paper

Participants are encouraged to present a contributed paper by means of an oral communication or a poster.

For the submission of a contributed paper and to help us shape the final form of the conference, we ask you to send in the following information (see the abstract submission form):

  1. the abstract (read carefully and respect the typing instructions mentioned on the form)
  2. make full reference to other parts of your scientific work;
  3. indicate whether you prefer an oral communication or a poster presentation;
  4. mention your main area of research and/or field of interest;
  5. give any other information concerning your participation that might be relevant for finalizing the programme.
We would like to receive your abstract as soon as possible; the ultimate deadline for acceptance is 15 April, 1995.

We prefer to receive abstracts by e-mail on the address: In this case the author should put his or her surname in the e-mail header.

If the abstract is sent by ordinary mail, then use the address:

'Einstein meets Magritte'
Theoretical Physics, TENA,
University of Brussels,
Pleinlaan 2,
1050 Brussels,

All abstracts will be refereed by the Scientific Committee. All accepted abstracts will be published in an abstract book.

Contributed talks

Authors with an accepted abstract will be informed later about the scheduling of their presentation in due time.

Participants presenting a paper are kindly invited to structure their talk taking into account the broad interdisciplinary audience to which it will be directed.

Only those authors who are registered for the Conference by means of the registration form or e-mail regulations included and mentioned in this second announcement, will be scheduled in the scientific programme.

Depending on the number of contributions, talks can take 15 to 35 minutes. The length of the talks shall be announced when the organizers know approximately the number of accepted contributed papers.

Poster presentations

Posters will be on display during the meeting in a special poster area adjacent to the session area. Each participant presenting a poster will have a poster board available. The poster should not be more than 200 cm high and 100 cm wide.

Audio-visual equipment

All meeting rooms will be equiped with slide projectors for single projection, overhead projectors and pointers. A slide preview-room and slide acceptance desk will be available in the meeting area. Slides must be submitted at least 60 minutes before presentation.

Participants who wish to use other equipment (e.g. video) for their presentation, should contact the conference office beforehand.