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Several publications devoted to PCP are available, and more are planned. The titles with links below are directly connected to draft versions of the paper on FTP (mostly ASCII or TEX format), or on WWW. Reprints of papers can also be requested from their respective authors.


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  28. In addition to those, the following papers, presented at a Symposium on the Principia Cybernetica Project, have been published in the Proceedings of the 13th Int. Congress of Cybernetics (Int. Association of Cybernetics, Namur, 1993):
    • Introduction (Heylighen F. ), p. 507.
    • Jdanko A.V.: On Fundamental Problems of the Principia Cybernetica Project, p. 514.
    • Umerez J., Etxeberria A. & Moreno A. : Emergence and Functionality, p. 519.
    • Glück R.: The Requirement of Identical Variety, p. 524.
    • Elohim J.L. : Automation: a conscious human tool to rationally accomplish human aims in order to purposefully push ahead human evolution, p. 534.
    • Carvallo M.E.: Some Alternatives to the Representational Mind, p. 539.
    • Maddock J. W. : Modeling Human Relationships via Dialectical Ecology, p. 544
    • Conclusion (Heylighen F.), p.549.


  1. Heylighen F. (ed.) (1991): Workbook of the 1st Principia Cybernetica Workshop (Principia Cybernetica, Brussels-New York).

    This booklet (70 pages) contains short articles and abstracts presented at the Workshop in Brussels. Paper copies are available from F. Heylighen.

  2. Heylighen F., Joslyn C. & Turchin V. (eds.) (1995) : The Quantum of Evolution (special issue, Vol. 45:1-4, of "World Futures: the journal of general evolution, published by Gordon and Breach, New York).

    This volume is an edited collection of papers by invited authors on the Theory of Metasystem Transitions.

  3. A second, more long-term project is to synthesize the different ideas that were developed separately, in the form of a real "Principia Cybernetica" monograph, authored by the PCP editorial board, and similar to the set of linked nodes existing on the PCP-Web.

    Finally, many of the ideas underlying PCP can be found in two books written well before PCP was founded:

  4. Turchin V. (1977): The Phenomenon of Science. A cybernetic approach to human evolution, (Columbia University Press, New York).

    Cybernetic theory of universal evolution, from unicellular organisms to culture and society, based on the concept of the Metasystem Transition.

  5. Turchin V. (1981) The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview, (Columbia University Press, New York).

    Interpretation of (Soviet) totalitarianism from the perspective of cybernetic social theory.

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